We provide the finest underground techno as heard and felt in Berlin’s most notorious clubs

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Upcoming Events

Discover our exciting lineup of upcoming events that will immerse you in the pulsating beats of Berlin. Join us for an unforgettable night of sweat, rave, and pounding bass that will leave you craving for more. Made possible by a fine selection of artists.

a person with the arms raised
a person with the arms raised

Our Mission

At Spätkauf Events, our mission is to recreate the authentic Berlin techno experience right here in the Netherlands. We curate a diverse range of techno genres to cater to all techno enthusiasts. Join us as we transform venues into dark domains of music, dance, and pure euphoria.

Spätkauf Residents

Spätkauf Events has some talented DJ's in-house whom deliver a wide aspect of Techno. Be sure to check them out at our events. For inquiries;


Experience the Berlin Techno Vibe, in the Netherlands

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