Spätkauf - Rave Edition, Leids Ontzet @ Nobel 03/10/2024

Marktsteeg 4-8 2312 CS Leiden

23:30 - 05:00

We will be back at the Nobel , on Leids Ontzet, the 3rd of October, with a Rave edition. We will start moderate and build up the tension throughout the night! Raas will open the night with a Live Set, followed bij two of our residents ending in a big banger, delivered by Rave Raiders. Don't miss out and come join us on this iconic day in Leiden!

You will be aksed to tape off your flashlight opun entry, as we want to maintain an intimate vibe on the grounds, and a phone or flashlight shouldn't be part of that.

Tickets for sale at the Nobel website.


2330 0100 RAAS LIVE

0100 0200 RINI BERLINI

0200 0330 BERDEN

0330 0500 RAVE RAIDERS